Evil Tormentor Of Slashy Boys (aiyokusama) wrote in comicartist,
Evil Tormentor Of Slashy Boys

Looking for an artist

Hey all, I hope I'm not breaking any rules as I fear I have no images to post.  As you may have guessed, I'm new.  The reason I joined this comm is I'm looking for an artist willing to collaborate with me.  I want to write comics, specifically for DC comics  and I've been told that the best way to approach them is with an original story that features character similar to the ones you ant to write.  Basically, show them what I can do without actually playing with their toys.  If anyone has different information, I'm all ears as I'm really just feeling my way here.  But with the above in mind, I'm wanting to write and self-publish a graphic novel.  To do that I need an artist.

I also need an artist to help me understanding what kind of details my script needs to make their life easier.   And what things writers do (and should avoid) that drive their artists up the wall.

So if anyone would like to help me out in any capacity, I'd really appreciate it.  Thanks so much for your time. 
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